Two Roads Diverged

Life is all about choices – so which choice is coming next?

It’s been a while for a lot of things

Today marks that the day that for the first time in two years I’m completely unemployed.

But don’t worry! It was by choice – and I’m looking forward to having some free time!

You see – in 25 days, I finally begin my next adventure.

Australia, I’m coming for you.


Quarter of a Century Discovery

So last week, I turned 25.

A quarter of a century.

I can now rent cars without an extra underage fee!

But I didn’t do that for my birthday.

See, I like to try and keep things interesting.

For my 21st – I was in Scotland.
22nd – Skydiving
23rd – Bungy Jumping in Greece (technically it was months later, and my 23rd was just celebrated in Greece, but I’m including it anyway ^.^)
24th – Hang-gliding

So this year was the question: What to do next?

I decided, this was the year for TRAPEZE

Practicing a trick

Practicing a trick

I had thought about it last year, but decided against it, as I thought, “You have to have loads of upper body strength!”

Just so you all know, that is false.

Being strong helps of course, but is not necessary.

Trapeze involves a lot of judging when you’ve reached the height of an arc, then you use the weightlessness created by your downward fall to move into other positions.

I was totally able to do this!

Just not always able to let go at the right time…

Having your parents crack up at you?

Well, makes you laugh too actually ^.^

It was a great experience – an HOUR and a HALF of trapeze!!!

And the last two tries involved catching. You know, the legit someone-is-on-another-trapeze-and-catches-you-midair catching!

They were like, “That was good – let’s try it with the splits!!”

And I replied, “… … … fiiiiiiine… … …” (I was SUPER excited at that prospect, as you can see…)

But then I did pretty darn good.

It was a splendid time – so great, that I think I’ve discovered a new hobby! A quarter of a century into my life!!

But as the 81 year old woman who was trapeze-ing told me. It’s never too late to start something new :)


When Murphy Comes to Call

Saturday dawned grey and gloomy.

“Oh dear – looks like rain,” commented my roommate. “I hope it doesn’t rain at our pal’s wedding! That’d be terrible.”

It would, I agreed. But I was so excited for this wedding even rain wouldn’t have kept me down!

See, it was my Indian friend’s wedding. His bride had asked me to wear my sari – so for the first time ever, I’d get to wear the beautiful sari my dad had brought back from India – and wear it to a real function! (It had been worn for Halloween a couple times – but I couldn’t figure out where else to wear it…)

Blurry picture: too much dancing was involved.

Blurry picture: too much dancing was involved.”

I also anticipated Indian bollywood-type dancing.

My feelings in one word: ecstatic

The couple’s wedding website said the ceremony would begin at 5. So my roommate and I left at 4 – and stopped at Rite Aid since my skirt was falling off.

“Jeeeeeeeff – I need to get safety pins! And we need to grab a card.”
“So go!” Jeff responded.
“You go grab a card – I’ll go grab safety pins–“
Jeff gave an evil grin, “Nope, you can go grab both. I’m going to sit here so when you walk in the store there will be no context for what you’re wearing. One word: hilarious.”

I ran inside, holding one side of my skirt, trying to ensure it didn’t fall down.

10 min, many wrong directions, lots of stops to pull my skirt back up, LOTS of strange looks, one comment about my ‘pretty dress’, and one explanation to the check-out girl later, I was back in the car.

It’s about 4:15 now.

“No problem. 30 min to the church, we’ll still be there early.”

We start down the freeway – and hit traffic.


“*bleep*-ers! I hate looky-loos. Like they’ve never seen an accident every. single. day.”

Once past the blockage, we rush down to the church – only to find the parking lot full. We maneuver into a side street, and run to the building.

“Huh, looks like they’re just starting. Some kind of line going into the building…”
“Um… Jeff… people are definitely coming out of the building. I think the ceremony is over… I THINK WE MISSED IT!”
“Ridiculous. It starts at 5, it’s not 5!”

We get closer – sure enough – it’s the receiving line.

The one that happens after the wedding.

Yep - definitely the wedding's end.

Yep – definitely the wedding’s end.

As we hurry over, a couple of our friends see us, and start laughing.

“We figured you’d be late – but really?!”

We ran through the back of the church and jumped into the end of the receiving line.

“You missed it…”
“Whaaaaa??? No… never… yes… yes we did…”
The couple grins, “Well, you’re never going to live this down!!”

So luckily we have friends who understand my roommate’s penchant for lateness – but mostly the fact that their wedding started half an hour earlier than it was supposed to.

(Seriously, what weddings start EARLY???)

Everyone sidles into the reception area, gets their seats. Starts to eat, drink, and be merry.

As this was a small venue, the bride and groom had had to bring their own alcohol for everyone to have. The groom runs up to my roommate.

“All right – you can make it up to me. Go grab some more booze!”

Off runs my roommate and another guy to go grab booze.

The toasts start.

“Oh man,” I thought, “poor Jeff missed the ceremony and is now missing the toasts!”

The DJ announces that shortly the cake will be cut – but fortuitously for Jeff, gets distracted from that plan by playing dance music for the crowd.

The guys return, with beer/wine for days. More partying commences.

And by partying: all people under the age of 30 dancing/carousing, all those above 50 sitting and watching.

The cake is cut and eaten. More dancing commences.

A little while later
“Huh… where’s the bride?”
“Where’s the groom?”

Nobody knows.

We all grin knowingly.

“Be back – restroom break!”

I run into the church.

“Poor dear,” says the caterer, “being sick during your wedding?? Poor bride!”
“What happened?” I ask
“Oh, the bride is having a terrible allergic reaction to something. She’s been sick in there for a while now!”

So our knowing grins were quite unknowing apparently…

“I heard she’s feeling better, but I don’t think she’ll be up for any more partying.”

I head back outside.

All the lights go out and the music shuts off.

“Um… I feel like this is a signal that we should go…”

The bride is trundled off with her in-laws and parents (doctors and nurses). And the groom hitches a ride with us back to his place.

“We’re so sorry man. Bummer that she’s sick!”
“It happens. We have our whole lives, I’m not worried.”

Good thing he felt that way.


The next day, the groom got an allergic reaction to something. Spent the day sick.

Personally, I blame Murphy. I think he took it too seriously when one of the toasts wished the happy couple, “…challenges to deepen their relationship.”…


Math-Booze: A Bad Drink

Sadly bartenders, and definitely anyone else in the service industry who’s been around drinkers, learn that booze-and-math-do-not-a-delicious-drink-make.

When using a credit card, the customer receives a receipt that looks something like:

Amount: __________
Tip: __________
Total: __________

But often, once the booze starts flowing, all these numbers don’t add up to the correct amounts…

Example: Last night a man hands me his receipt with a, “You’re so great! NIGHT!” He walks off.

His receipt:

Amount: $13.75
Tip: $3.25
Total: $14.00

… …

Thank you sir for the thought – I’ll just have to settle for that $0.25 instead…

I think most of us would prefer if drinkers just wrote this:

At least he's honest...


So I know it’s been, like, forever…

Or almost five months. Give or a take a ‘forever’…

How could time fly so fast?

Well, if you all remember my post about finally quitting a job, on of the head cooks predicted:

Well, there’s been three restaurants in that spot in the last couple years. Chances are it won’t make it.

And, lo-and-behold, two months after the Pizzeria opened, I received a text from the owners, “With the advice of our financial advisors and the corporate office, we’re closing the doors immediately. We appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm.”


Now jobless, I remembered that one of my mom’s friends worked at a local casino as an assistant manager in the food & bev department. Luckily they had a bartending position open.

A week, three interviews, and one talent show interview later – I was hired!

“Awesome,” I thought, “on-call position at a casino. I should get a couple days and some nice pay!”

What happened to the last 2 months then? Well, turns out I’m working full time! Full time – 6pm to 3am. With a 45 minute commute each way.

By the time I fall into bed at 4 – well, I don’t wake up for a long, long, long time.

Except for the days I wake up and go to my second job.

And the one day I spend a couple hours on my third job…

Yes, I’m still doing that to myself (I think I enjoy the challenge?).

So before I knew it – 5 months. POOF!

But I’m finally back – and will attempt to stay that way!

So for now – let it be known that I’ve missed you all terribly. And have tried to keep up (and have been pretty much horribly unsuccessful in that endeavor…), ad will try to keep up now.


Hunter Hunted at MTV Studios

The traffic inches along. Just fast enough that I can’t e-brake, release the clutch, and relax my tensed leg muscles.

“Thank goodness for the gym,” I mumble to myself. But it’s worth it. Shortly, so shortly, I will be off the highway, and rolling into the parking lot of Viacom – aka, the MTV and many other tv stations headquarters.


I finally arrive. The elevator drops me in the lobby. The receptionist points. And there’s my band.

The only band whose every song they’ve sung, I’ve liked.

The guys who take the time to get to know their fans, to recognize them when they see them again.

A band who’s gone the extra mile by hand-delivering their first EP to my dorm door; and put my friend on the VIP list when I forgot to get her a ticket to their House of Blues concert.

A band where my friends and I have gone to concerts, and we left after Hunter Hunted played – as we had no interest in the headliners.

A band who’s growing whose stardom is catching up to the stars they’ve always been.

We all troop up to the MTV floor, into a little music studio, where Hunter Hunted will be giving a mini concert.

To some of the staff of Viacom.

And me. The only non-Viacom member.

I tweeted like mad a bit. Instagrammed a little.

The set was short – only a couple numbers, including one of my favorite of their new songs:

The staff filed out – back off to their jobs (don’t I wish I could have a musical break in the middle of my day!).

I was able to do a one-question interview. (No pressure!)

A little more time spent chatting with Michael and Dan – about their lives, my life. Whatever – because these are guys who make you feel comfortable.

All too quickly I had to leave to meet up with friends at UCLA. But every time I meet with this band, it’s memories I’ll never forget.


Extreme Non-confrontationist + Two Weeks Notice = Sad News Bears

So last week saw the epic premier of my FIFTH job.

Yes, I finally started bartending after two and a half months of patient waiting.

I was So Excited!! I mean, the store is so new we usually have 5 customers during a 5 hours period – but even with that I make more in tips than I do in 7 hours at my other main job!

Life would be sooo good!

But, instead, my life immediately fell into a hectic display of:
No time
No sleep
No food (well – breakfast and then food some 12 hours later)
Wearing the same clothes for days on end
Endless phone calls to swap shifts/cancel shifts/try to make it to everywhere on time
A haze of pain from my tired body

By the time I finished work Sunday night I was decided.

It was all too much.

It was time to quit one of the jobs.

What got the axe?

Tuesday, April 30th

I show up for my morning food running shift (it’s just what it sounds like – I run the food out to the table for the servers. Yes, I am below a server…).

It’s a rather slow day, so I get sent home a couple hours early.

*Deep breath in – and out. Walk up to the General Manager. Mantra in my head: I’m going to quit. I’m going to quit. I’m going to quit*
Me: Um…
GM: *turns with a smile* Yes?
Me: I have to give you my two weeks notice today-
*the smile melts off her face*
GM: What?! WHY?!
*Panic begins as she is no longer smiling. What happened to the smile?!*
Me: I… uh… well, I mean I have a lot going on-
*Her eyes start to get that big, sad look in them*
GM: But I just LOVE working with you!
*Inside dialogue: You’re such a jerk, making such a nice lady sad??? Terrible!!*
Me: Um, well, thank you-
GM: You’re one of the good ones! Why would you need to leave???
*Inside dialogue: See? She’s saying SUCH nice things about you? And her face – look how sad you’re making her. What is wrong with you?*
Me: Well, I…
*Inside dialogue: Well, I guess there is a lot going on – explain to her. EXPLAIN!*
Me: uh, I have 5 jobs-
GM: -FIVE JOBS?! I didn’t know you were crazy!!
Me: Ha, yeah, well-
*Inside dialogue: Good, good. She’ll understand.*
GM: -But we love having you here!
*Panicking more because, ugh, sadness, I just… can’t… deal… oh god… Inside dialogue: Well, you could do a bit more… I mean, you’ll only be tired right? And have no life, but it’ll make her happy – fold, FOLD! FOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!*
Me: I mean, I could work still!!!
*GM Smiles*
Me: If you need me to! I just… it would only… I mean… I couldn’t work the weekends…
*Smile fades. Inside dialogue: Jerk, see, she’s sad again. Now you just raised her hopes – meanie head.*
GM: I see.
*An idea forms in her head, the sadness lifts slightly from her eyes*
GM: Well, what are they? Your other jobs?
Me: Bartending-
*Sad cloud descends*
GM: -oooooh… yes, that is a good job…
*She’s crestfallen*
GM: Well, come into the office for your paperwork.

*I slowly follow behind the GM, startled at how sad she is that I’m leaving, and positively dying inside because I can’t stand making people sad*

*Inside the office sits one of the head cooks. Crap.*

*Gm talks indistinctly*

*Head cook looks up – astonishment on his face*
HC: You have to be shitting me!
Me: Um… I just.. uh…
HC: I a SO upset right now.
*More sadness?? Tears start to gather in my eyes – breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out – Inside dialogue: DON’T CRY DAMMIT! That’ll make it worse!*
GM: It’s always the good ones that want to leave.
Me: … well… I got this bartending job at a new place
HC: The new pizza place?
Me: Yeah!
*He looks at me seriously*
HC: Well, there’s been three restaurants in that spot in the last couple years. Chances are it won’t make it. Just know – you are always welcome to come back.
GM: Yes. Whenever you want.

With that the GM left the office, the Head Cook kept staring angrily/sadly and told me he’d come visit my restaurant, and the office boy marvelled over how the GM never gets so sad when other people leave.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling like a guilty jerk, trying to stave off tears because I’ve made the GM and Head Cook feel bad.

Oy vey, I’m hopeless.

The Things I Should Have Said:

  • Maybe if you rewarded good work, the good people wouldn’t leave
  • Why am I leaving? When I interviewed here you told me that although I have a college degree, you don’t think I’m up to serving tables. This new place hired be as a bartender BECAUSE of the degree.
  • I’m extremely discontent with how my schedule availability has been completely ignored

But alas, my skills at sticking up for myself have yet to get so far.

How I should quit jobs in the future...

How I should quit jobs in the future…

Meanwhile, 2 managers down.

Five more to go.

This may be a loooong two weeks…


An idea was born

GiggsMcGill Jill:

I really love this idea! Also a good way for me to hop back into the world I’ve missed the past month :)

Originally posted on My Rabbit Hole Trips:

So I sent a suggestion to Combat Babe when she had some writer blockage going on, and now, I’m stealing the idea back. I cannot help it, it has been brewing in my chaotic mind and I need to unleash it.

It’s going to be a story, and YOU are going to help me write it. To participate, I need email addresses. I’m going to start the story, and then pick an email address and send the sentence to you. Then you’ll reply back with your next sentence for the story. Then I’ll take your sentence and send it to the next person in the list, and so on and so on.

For this to be as good as my silly mind has created it to be, I need your help. If you want to participate, please send me your email address to  or leave it in the comments.

View original 44 more words


“And girl…”

Scene: gas station. I am about to slide into my driver’s seat, having just gotten my change from filling up my car

An SUV pulls up to the pump next to mine, a man jumps out.

Man: Hey girl! How’s your day?
Me: Um… pretty good, and yours?
Man: *laughs and holds up a casted arm* Oh, as well as can be expected With this thing on girl!
Me: Oh, that sucks!
Man: But nevermind that girl, nevermind that. And girl, I don’t want your pity, I want your name!
Me: Um… I’m Jill…
Man: Pretty name girl! Jill. I like it! I’m Evon! See, that’s my real name – you’re the kind of girl I introduce myself to with my real name, not my nickname!
Me: Oh, ha, um, thanks!
Evon: See girl, I was driving by and I saw this girl with gorgeous, luxurious, long hair. And then I saw you washing your windows, and I said, ‘That girl must be single because I would never let my woman wash her windows!
Me: …WHAT?
Evon: Right, see, and girl, you’re the kind that I would pamper and I wouldn’t let you wash them windows! That’s my job!
Me: … … …
Evon: And girl, I’d treat you well!
Me.: … … …
Evon: So… can I have your number?

Shortly after I somehow managed to extricate myself (I know, it’s amazing I didn’t before with my eloquent style of talking…) with the usual lies of the-nonexistant-boyfriend-who’s-right-around-the-corner.

It kind of reminded me of the time I was asked to have someone’s honey colored babies.

But mostly, it reminded me of this, pretty much to the T:

(Another link to the same video)



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