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Success: Thy Name is “The Interview”

Yes, I give that sly look. Works every time.

Yes, I give that sly look. Works every time.

So of course since getting back home a goal has been to, ya know, Get a Job.

So I started the search the day I got back.

Wow, that’s quite early I hear some of you say. Didn’t want to rest a bit?

Yes, yes it was. BUT! I had an employee referral from the Holland America cruise I had just gone on, and a guaranteed interview if I submitted my application in a timely manner.

So I submitted and waited.

Dancing in my seat – already imagining my blog turning into the “overseas adventures of Jillian”.

2 weeks went by. Nothing. So I called the company.

“Hi, I would like to speak with the hiring manager.”
“Oh, you can only send an email.”
“All right, to whom?”
“Oh, we’ll make sure it gets to the right department. Just put the job title in the subject line.”

I sent a follow up email (while also emailing my ‘employee referral’ about “What’s up?”) with the typical, “I applied for such and such job with a referral from so and so and would love to know if you’ve accepted my application, blah blah blah”.

The response: ”Thank you for your interest in Holland America, if you’d like to apply please visit the HA website at…”

So much for that ‘guaranteed’ interview. Dead end it was looking to be.

The next 4 months followed applications to every cruise company, multiple travel companies, several jobs in Hawaii, etc. Follow ups, calls, you name it.

I took secretary tests, math tests, and personality tests.

I would score exceptionally well on these tests. But then get rejected.

The problem I was running into, and all the rejections I got, were because I lacked experience.

I was running into the current economy’s catch 22. Can’t get a job without experience, but can’t get experience without a job.

Thank you Google - you understand!

Thank you Google – you understand!

Even the age old, “It’s who you know” wasn’t working for me – in most cases, just as I was about to have a foot in the door, the door shut because the company decided not to hire.

I knew, I just knew though that if I could get in there, get in person for an interview, I’d be golden.

So finally, last week, I filled out an online application for restaurant position.

When I called the restaurant I was informed that on M-W from 2-4, if you’d filled out an online application, you could come in and request to speak with a manager.

I was in that store faster than you can say, “I finally got an interview!”

I dazzled, I shined, I blew up his mind!

Or rather, I showed that I was a good candidate.

Specific examples for all the questions. Confident, calm, friendly.

And what I knew to be true was true.

When I finally got my in person meeting, I finally got offered a job.

Say hello to another member of America’s workforce!


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