Two Roads Diverged

Life is all about choices – so which choice is coming next?

A Family Holiday

It’s Christmas Eve, and many families will be gathering tonight and tomorrow around the center of the family decorations. The center of the holiday spirit in a home.

The Christmas Tree.

Now there’s many types of trees: you’ve got your real trees, your fake trees, your big trees, your small trees.

But my tree – well, I think my tree is pretty special.

For one thing, it’s old.

If my tree had rings! … But who am I kidding, my tree can’t get more blinged-out and shiny than it already is.


You see, my tree – my tree is made of aluminum.

ALUMINUM?” You say!

Yep. Nice, shiny, SHINY aluminum.


“Aluminum? So your tree is basically made out of soda cans?”

But contrary to what you might think – it’s actually quite beautiful!

When the sun shines in the windows, it catches the branches in a blinding display of light.

And at night, we turn on the rotating spotlights – and the tree changes colors. Blue, yellow, red, green.

aluminum christmas tree, aluminium christmas tree, Christmas tree

This tree was my Mom’s childhood tree. It’s been in our household since before I was born.

I love having the tree every year.

And every year I love it more.

Because for me, the tree is a connection to family.
For the members that aren’t with us any more, or who can’t join us at Christmas, they’ve been there at some point with the tree.
A little bit of them is there and present.

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday – full of happiness and full of love!


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