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The Juggling Act

on March 9, 2013

So I mentioned a few weeks ago how my lack of activity was due to lack of internet.

And also that small detail of the acquisition of 5 jobs.

Well, now I have internet! (Yay for mail spam that actually gives you great deals!)

Ok, so my mailbox only had one letter... but it happened to be a great deal from Cox!

Ok, so my mailbox only had one letter… but it happened to be a great deal from Cox!

But those jobs, well, they do require time.

Dang it.

To be perfectly honest, at the moment I’m only doing 4, the fifth hasn’t started yet.

But I’m sure the question is: How did this come to happen?

Well, around December, after 4 months of unemployment, I caught my first break! I finally got an interview! Sure, it was to be a food runner – a step below server – but it was a money making job!

So job number 1, secured.


My mom works in the principal’s office at my hometown high school.

So when first, a family came seeking a babysitter, and then another family came seeking a science tutor, my mom offered my name.

So babysitting and tutoring were added to the list.

Then one night during a food runner shift, I ran into an old customer from when I worked at a bagel shop. I kept in touch with her and her family while I was in Greece.

It turned out the administrative assistant at her company had just left, so she offered me the position. The work is in the mornings, so I could keep the restaurant job, babysitting, and tutoring.


Meanwhile, during all this, my mom had contacted a friend who worked at a casino. He said he could see about getting me a job as a bartender, but I should get a bartending license first, and gave me the name of the school his son went to.

With the luck I was having, I called during their big holiday promotion and paid 1/3 the normal cost.

So I started classes at the Riverside National Bartending School.

Now, I’d read on multiple places online that having a bartending license “doesn’t help”, and “bars prefer you don’t have it”, etc.

I did have several reasons for taking the class. Obviously one was to get a bartending job. But really, it was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and why would I ever regret the class? Learning new drinks, being able to make drinks at parties — really there would be no losing!

So for a month, I drove 1 hour each way, to finish this class.
Memorized over 100 drinks.
And finished the final (making any 12 drinks the teacher called out) in record time.

Then began the tough part of bartending.

The job search.

So first, I jumped on Craigslist. And saw an ad that said a new restaurant opening where I lived was having interviews.

The next morning.

So the next morning, I jump in my car, wait while one person interviews in front of me, then was interviewed myself.

Got invited to a second interview.

The day after that, got offered a bartending job.

So the first place I walked into? I got a bartending job!

But the restaurant hasn’t opened yet. It looks like that may take a while. So only working 4 jobs at the moment – but (hopefully) soon to be five.

Then we’ll see – for reals – how good my juggling skills are…

42 responses to “The Juggling Act

  1. twindaddy says:

    Wow. Good luck with all of that. Sounds like you’ll be busy for quite a while.

  2. El Guapo says:

    Congrats! Just don’t burn yourself out.

    • I’m slowly learning to balance work and fun. I was kinda down for a few weeks, and just realized it was because I was having too much alone time and not enough socializing time. So, been hanging out and getting out more!! Hopefully I’ll keep that up!

  3. The Waiting says:

    You make me tired just reading this! Congrats on all the jobs! Woot!

  4. You’re going to be a very busy girl – didn’t realise you had to go to bartending school, never been a requirement here in the UK

    • It’s not a requirement in the states either. Some bars do want it (at least if you don’t have experience), most bars don’t care too much. I now feel like they should, since one of my new fave things is to go into a bar and try one of the drinks I learned, which are pretty popular drinks. Most of the time I’M telling the bartender how to do it!!

  5. Well, shoot. You have been QUITE the busy lady. Congrats on successfully snagging all those jobs! Maybe two or three will pay well enough that you can drop the fourth and fifth. Regardless, I’m sure you’ll be able to manage. Active people can usually swing that!

    • Thanks!! That’s pretty much what I’m hoping. I figure the bar tending will end up paying more than the food running. And the admin job is hoping to snag some contracts soon, and my boss there said if we did, my hours would go up (and that one is the best paying). I’m def just winging it for now

  6. MissFourEyes says:

    Congratulations on all the jobs! You have to show us a picture of you juggling bottles someday🙂

  7. calahan says:

    Five jobs is insane. You must have some very serious gambling debts to pay off ASAP.

  8. MaximumWage says:

    Congrats with all of this job activity, this is insane. How do you have time for boys? AND The fact that you can make all these drinks is amazing. Its a good skill to have.

  9. I went to bartending school too! I’m allergic to alcohol and hate staying up past 9PM so it wasn’t an ideal fit at all – but catering events was fun and going to school was fun!
    I’m curious if you have 29 hours in your day?

  10. Jeez, Jill, can’t ya do a little bit more? I could use a housekeeper. I’m sure you could fit that in with your other juggling. 😀

    • Heck yeah!! Those hours I have left for planning work, I’m down to procrastinate with a little cleaning!! (Actually, if you saw my place you’d prob be all, “um, please Don’t come clean my house…” Ha)

  11. ahh when it rains it pours! how are the jobs going these days?

  12. Damn, girl, remind me to never complain about being busy again! Congrats though! It’s hard enough to land one job, much less five!
    P.S. I just noticed your “not featured on Freshly Pressed” button and I love it!

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