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Hunter Hunted at MTV Studios

on May 22, 2013

The traffic inches along. Just fast enough that I can’t e-brake, release the clutch, and relax my tensed leg muscles.

“Thank goodness for the gym,” I mumble to myself. But it’s worth it. Shortly, so shortly, I will be off the highway, and rolling into the parking lot of Viacom – aka, the MTV and many other tv stations headquarters.


I finally arrive. The elevator drops me in the lobby. The receptionist points. And there’s my band.

The only band whose every song they’ve sung, I’ve liked.

The guys who take the time to get to know their fans, to recognize them when they see them again.

A band who’s gone the extra mile by hand-delivering their first EP to my dorm door; and put my friend on the VIP list when I forgot to get her a ticket to their House of Blues concert.

A band where my friends and I have gone to concerts, and we left after Hunter Hunted played – as we had no interest in the headliners.

A band who’s growing whose stardom is catching up to the stars they’ve always been.

We all troop up to the MTV floor, into a little music studio, where Hunter Hunted will be giving a mini concert.

To some of the staff of Viacom.

And me. The only non-Viacom member.

My fave guys!!

A photo posted by Jillian (@giggsmcgill) on

I tweeted like mad a bit. Instagrammed a little.

The set was short – only a couple numbers, including one of my favorite of their new songs:

The staff filed out – back off to their jobs (don’t I wish I could have a musical break in the middle of my day!).

I was able to do a one-question interview. (No pressure!)

A little more time spent chatting with Michael and Dan – about their lives, my life. Whatever – because these are guys who make you feel comfortable.

All too quickly I had to leave to meet up with friends at UCLA. But every time I meet with this band, it’s memories I’ll never forget.

6 responses to “Hunter Hunted at MTV Studios

  1. The Waiting says:

    So cool that you got to meet up with them! Kudos to them for being so good to their fans.

  2. Awesome experience! It’s cool that you got to meet them, and they were as great as you thought they’d be.

  3. Bill McCurry says:

    What a great experience! I’m glad it was as much fun as you hoped it would be.

    By the way, I moved my blog from to a self-hosted site at I’m not sure whether you are still getting my posts, but if not, that’s why.

    And congrats on the progress driving stick!

    • I’ll have to check your new site! Thanks for the update🙂

      And man, I LOVE stick! Despite the traffic that day – I don’t know if I could ever go back to automatic!

  4. The Hook says:

    Unforgettable experiences make the humdrum ones less mind-numbing, right?

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