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So I know it’s been, like, forever…

on October 14, 2013

Or almost five months. Give or a take a ‘forever’…

How could time fly so fast?

Well, if you all remember my post about finally quitting a job, on of the head cooks predicted:

Well, there’s been three restaurants in that spot in the last couple years. Chances are it won’t make it.

And, lo-and-behold, two months after the Pizzeria opened, I received a text from the owners, “With the advice of our financial advisors and the corporate office, we’re closing the doors immediately. We appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm.”


Now jobless, I remembered that one of my mom’s friends worked at a local casino as an assistant manager in the food & bev department. Luckily they had a bartending position open.

A week, three interviews, and one talent show interview later – I was hired!

“Awesome,” I thought, “on-call position at a casino. I should get a couple days and some nice pay!”

What happened to the last 2 months then? Well, turns out I’m working full time! Full time – 6pm to 3am. With a 45 minute commute each way.

By the time I fall into bed at 4 – well, I don’t wake up for a long, long, long time.

Except for the days I wake up and go to my second job.

And the one day I spend a couple hours on my third job…

Yes, I’m still doing that to myself (I think I enjoy the challenge?).

So before I knew it – 5 months. POOF!

But I’m finally back – and will attempt to stay that way!

So for now – let it be known that I’ve missed you all terribly. And have tried to keep up (and have been pretty much horribly unsuccessful in that endeavor…), ad will try to keep up now.

7 responses to “So I know it’s been, like, forever…

  1. El Guapo says:

    Great to hear from you!!! Sorry to hear you’re working so hard.
    Still, you wanted to so you could afford everything you wanted. Hope you’re racking up the bank account of the gods, and also networking with your customers when you can so you can make a jump when you want.

    Look forward to hearing more stories from you (hint hint)!

  2. ksujulie says:

    Welcome back!!🙂

  3. calahan says:

    You’ve been missed, Giggs.

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