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When Murphy Comes to Call

on October 23, 2013

Saturday dawned grey and gloomy.

“Oh dear – looks like rain,” commented my roommate. “I hope it doesn’t rain at our pal’s wedding! That’d be terrible.”

It would, I agreed. But I was so excited for this wedding even rain wouldn’t have kept me down!

See, it was my Indian friend’s wedding. His bride had asked me to wear my sari – so for the first time ever, I’d get to wear the beautiful sari my dad had brought back from India – and wear it to a real function! (It had been worn for Halloween a couple times – but I couldn’t figure out where else to wear it…)

Blurry picture: too much dancing was involved.

Blurry picture: too much dancing was involved.”

I also anticipated Indian bollywood-type dancing.

My feelings in one word: ecstatic

The couple’s wedding website said the ceremony would begin at 5. So my roommate and I left at 4 – and stopped at Rite Aid since my skirt was falling off.

“Jeeeeeeeff – I need to get safety pins! And we need to grab a card.”
“So go!” Jeff responded.
“You go grab a card – I’ll go grab safety pins–“
Jeff gave an evil grin, “Nope, you can go grab both. I’m going to sit here so when you walk in the store there will be no context for what you’re wearing. One word: hilarious.”

I ran inside, holding one side of my skirt, trying to ensure it didn’t fall down.

10 min, many wrong directions, lots of stops to pull my skirt back up, LOTS of strange looks, one comment about my ‘pretty dress’, and one explanation to the check-out girl later, I was back in the car.

It’s about 4:15 now.

“No problem. 30 min to the church, we’ll still be there early.”

We start down the freeway – and hit traffic.


“*bleep*-ers! I hate looky-loos. Like they’ve never seen an accident every. single. day.”

Once past the blockage, we rush down to the church – only to find the parking lot full. We maneuver into a side street, and run to the building.

“Huh, looks like they’re just starting. Some kind of line going into the building…”
“Um… Jeff… people are definitely coming out of the building. I think the ceremony is over… I THINK WE MISSED IT!”
“Ridiculous. It starts at 5, it’s not 5!”

We get closer – sure enough – it’s the receiving line.

The one that happens after the wedding.

Yep - definitely the wedding's end.

Yep – definitely the wedding’s end.

As we hurry over, a couple of our friends see us, and start laughing.

“We figured you’d be late – but really?!”

We ran through the back of the church and jumped into the end of the receiving line.

“You missed it…”
“Whaaaaa??? No… never… yes… yes we did…”
The couple grins, “Well, you’re never going to live this down!!”

So luckily we have friends who understand my roommate’s penchant for lateness – but mostly the fact that their wedding started half an hour earlier than it was supposed to.

(Seriously, what weddings start EARLY???)

Everyone sidles into the reception area, gets their seats. Starts to eat, drink, and be merry.

As this was a small venue, the bride and groom had had to bring their own alcohol for everyone to have. The groom runs up to my roommate.

“All right – you can make it up to me. Go grab some more booze!”

Off runs my roommate and another guy to go grab booze.

The toasts start.

“Oh man,” I thought, “poor Jeff missed the ceremony and is now missing the toasts!”

The DJ announces that shortly the cake will be cut – but fortuitously for Jeff, gets distracted from that plan by playing dance music for the crowd.

The guys return, with beer/wine for days. More partying commences.

And by partying: all people under the age of 30 dancing/carousing, all those above 50 sitting and watching.

The cake is cut and eaten. More dancing commences.

A little while later
“Huh… where’s the bride?”
“Where’s the groom?”

Nobody knows.

We all grin knowingly.

“Be back – restroom break!”

I run into the church.

“Poor dear,” says the caterer, “being sick during your wedding?? Poor bride!”
“What happened?” I ask
“Oh, the bride is having a terrible allergic reaction to something. She’s been sick in there for a while now!”

So our knowing grins were quite unknowing apparently…

“I heard she’s feeling better, but I don’t think she’ll be up for any more partying.”

I head back outside.

All the lights go out and the music shuts off.

“Um… I feel like this is a signal that we should go…”

The bride is trundled off with her in-laws and parents (doctors and nurses). And the groom hitches a ride with us back to his place.

“We’re so sorry man. Bummer that she’s sick!”
“It happens. We have our whole lives, I’m not worried.”

Good thing he felt that way.


The next day, the groom got an allergic reaction to something. Spent the day sick.

Personally, I blame Murphy. I think he took it too seriously when one of the toasts wished the happy couple, “…challenges to deepen their relationship.”…

10 responses to “When Murphy Comes to Call

  1. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  2. MaximumWage says:

    Ohhhh man you were SUPER Late to the ceremony… Seriously though someone needs to take care of that guy Murphy. Like lock him away and throw the keys away.

  3. “…challenges to deepen their relationship.”…
    Sounds like a curse lol

  4. El Guapo says:

    On the bright side, sounds like they got Murphy out of the way right at the start, so hopefuly their marriage will be smooth sailing from there…

  5. The Hook says:

    Blurry or not, you looked smashing!

  6. MissFourEyes says:

    You did bollywood-type dancing in a sari? Wow, that’s really hard to do when you’re wrapped in so much fabric. Go you! A sari is kind of a pain to get on but still one of my favorite things to wear (the truth is I don’t really get a lot of excuses to wear one in India either). You look beautiful, Jill🙂

  7. Aussa Lorens says:

    Haha yeah that is definitely one way to “deepen a relationship,” dang!
    Also: I am totally jealous that you got to wear a sari.

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