Two Roads Diverged

Life is all about choices – so which choice is coming next?

About A Boy

It’s been a long while since I last posted – and to be honest, the main reason for that – well… it started that night.

See, the reason for the long hiatus – it’s about a boy.


Now, he’s no Hugh Grant…

But to me he’s definitely the Australian version!

See I dated quite a bit when I got to Australia (naturally). Bars, Tinder, the Craigslist ad equivalent on Australia’s site Gumtree.

None of it was getting me anywhere.

Not that i was looking for anything serious! I mean – just coming here for a year of working holiday fun!

But I decided to try another new avenue. The OKCupid avenue.

I’d been on OKC before, back in university, and it didn’t work out so hot for me… not to mention my friends’ online experiences, or the ones like poor Jules from “Go Jules Go” had.

Actually probably would've given the guy credit for this one

Actually probably would’ve given the guy credit for this one

But I decided to give it another shot. Might meet some new people.

So my first night on there was the night of my last post. Oct 27

I made the profile, wrote up a lot of information, and spent several hours happily filling in the questions (seriously, you can get really time-lost filling out the questions!)

First things first:

Search for highest percentage men within a reasonable distance from myself. (Aka, for me that was around 15km or so – I still don’t really get that in mileage, but just knew that public transport-wise, it could still be doable)

The first space position: A guy with a 96% match rating to me.

I click.

I read.

I like!

Everything is amazing – his profile is essentially things I’d write about myself. His questions are in complete agreement with mine – and the additional explanations either make me nod with, “I TOTALLY understand what you mean!” or laugh. Out loud. As in literal Lol’ing.

First try - right guy??

I took the plunge. I wrote to him.

I wrote to him!

And now it’s been 4 months.

Don’t get me wrong – it hasn’t been perfect.

But I’ve been happy. Happier than I intended on being.

Happy enough that at times it scares me a little. (Romantic feelings and I are not very acquainted with each other – we’re having to learn to get along…)

Happy enough to try to stay in Australia longer.

So for now – it looks like the adventure will continue a bit longer.

And for now – I really need to get myself back on track with updating😉


VIP Unexpectedly

“Jillian, it’s slow – go ahead and clock out.”

This could’ve been the most beautiful sentence I’ve ever heard on a Saturday night when I haven’t gotten clubbing for weeks and I knew that at.that.moment. my friends were getting ready to head out.

I jumped on the phone,
“Girls! I got out early!! Where are you??”
“We’re at the Precinct, meet us there!”

I rushed home – got ready in record time – rushed out.

When I roll into Precinct – well, it’s crowded! 5 top at the bar (aka, the bar is at least 5 people thick all the way down), the dancefloor is a writhing mass of people, and there are even shoulder-to-shoulder amounts of people standing and talking.

I attempt to get a drink at the bar – as I’m stone-cold sober and my friends are, less so ^.^ After 20 minutes, I give up. I figured – it’s late already, I’d rather save my $10, I’ll just go dance!

Sadly, after just a short while, the DJ switches to a live band.

While this can sometimes be cool – in this instance, it just killed the vibe.

It’s getting near 1am.

“Girls, I don’t want to quit, but my feet are starting to hurt, and I just, this band is killing it for me…”
My friend looks up from her phone,
“Well, this guy I’ve been talking to says he can get us into a club in South Melbourne. Wanna try?”

So we jump into an uber – and down to South Melbourne we go.

As we’re waiting outside for the guy to come collect us (and get us past the line to get in),
“So, how did you meet this guy?”
“Tinder. I’ll admit, I’m so worried – you know my luck with Tinder, he’ll probably be tiny and ugly… but hopefully this club is good!”

Minutes later, a not-scrawny, rather attractive guy goes to the bouncers,
“These 3, they’re with me.”

And inside we’re ushered.

Busy – but good music, no mood-killing live band in sight. Al (my friend’s Tinder man) walks us right up to a roped off table.
“These girls are with us! Let’s get them a drink!”
Who needs that much Belvedere?

Out pops a gigantic bottle of Belvedere, some glasses, and red mixer.

My friends look at me with a slightly evil glint in their eye,
“Hey!” they yell, “She’s sober you know!”

Al looks at me incredulously.

Yes, that IS a penis straw.

Yes, that IS a penis straw.

Soon my friend asks me to finish her drink.

Then the Belvedere bottle mysteriously fills up my glass.


And again.

And probably some more agains…
The bottle buyer and I
Of course – these things all lead to me being not-so-stone-cold-sober anymore…

I wake up on a couch in the morning.

Definitely looked just like this.

Definitely looked just like this.

The night comes racing back.
We left the club. Came to a house. We’re safe. I know exactly where my friends are.
Now it’s time to find my belongings and make sure I get to work on time…

I walk into the bathroom. Tiny shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles on the sink. With nicely folded towels.

Am I at a house?! Or a hotel…

I look out the window.

Tennis court.

Definitely a house. Just you know – a mansion-y house…

I tiptoe down the stairs to the kitchen.

“Good morning.” says a gray-haired man who’s cooking eggs. “You look lost. Looking for your things? Downstairs.”
“Um… thanks,” I say, thoroughly confused as to where we are now but I CLEARLY remember no gray-haired gentlmen. “Um… what, what time is it?”
“8:30. I can’t believe you’re up to be honest. You guys didn’t get in until past 3:30 last night.”

Hmm… so he wasn’t with us. Owner of the house then?

“Um… could you tell me the nearest tram?”
He looks surprised, “You’re going to tram it? Not taxi?? Well, just down the street, turn left, you’ll walk straight to it.”

I go down the stairs, grab my things, run out the door.

It takes 1.5 hours to get home, but I manage it (looking utterly and completely walk-of-shame. I totally understand why the man asked why I wasn’t taking a taxi.).

The girls wake up a couple hours later and text me when they’re home.

“Hey – so was that Al’s mansion?” I ask later.
“Yes!” my friend writes excitedly. “I won Tinder! Woo hoo!”
“And did you meet the old guy??”
“No – his dad was out to brunch by then!”

So, mysterious old man explained.

And for the rest of the day I had to laugh. I went out sober – and woke up in a mansion. WHAT?!

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It’s been a while for a lot of things

Today marks that the day that for the first time in two years I’m completely unemployed.

But don’t worry! It was by choice – and I’m looking forward to having some free time!

You see – in 25 days, I finally begin my next adventure.

Australia, I’m coming for you.


So I know it’s been, like, forever…

Or almost five months. Give or a take a ‘forever’…

How could time fly so fast?

Well, if you all remember my post about finally quitting a job, on of the head cooks predicted:

Well, there’s been three restaurants in that spot in the last couple years. Chances are it won’t make it.

And, lo-and-behold, two months after the Pizzeria opened, I received a text from the owners, “With the advice of our financial advisors and the corporate office, we’re closing the doors immediately. We appreciate your hard work and enthusiasm.”


Now jobless, I remembered that one of my mom’s friends worked at a local casino as an assistant manager in the food & bev department. Luckily they had a bartending position open.

A week, three interviews, and one talent show interview later – I was hired!

“Awesome,” I thought, “on-call position at a casino. I should get a couple days and some nice pay!”

What happened to the last 2 months then? Well, turns out I’m working full time! Full time – 6pm to 3am. With a 45 minute commute each way.

By the time I fall into bed at 4 – well, I don’t wake up for a long, long, long time.

Except for the days I wake up and go to my second job.

And the one day I spend a couple hours on my third job…

Yes, I’m still doing that to myself (I think I enjoy the challenge?).

So before I knew it – 5 months. POOF!

But I’m finally back – and will attempt to stay that way!

So for now – let it be known that I’ve missed you all terribly. And have tried to keep up (and have been pretty much horribly unsuccessful in that endeavor…), ad will try to keep up now.


Hunter Hunted at MTV Studios

The traffic inches along. Just fast enough that I can’t e-brake, release the clutch, and relax my tensed leg muscles.

“Thank goodness for the gym,” I mumble to myself. But it’s worth it. Shortly, so shortly, I will be off the highway, and rolling into the parking lot of Viacom – aka, the MTV and many other tv stations headquarters.


I finally arrive. The elevator drops me in the lobby. The receptionist points. And there’s my band.

The only band whose every song they’ve sung, I’ve liked.

The guys who take the time to get to know their fans, to recognize them when they see them again.

A band who’s gone the extra mile by hand-delivering their first EP to my dorm door; and put my friend on the VIP list when I forgot to get her a ticket to their House of Blues concert.

A band where my friends and I have gone to concerts, and we left after Hunter Hunted played – as we had no interest in the headliners.

A band who’s growing whose stardom is catching up to the stars they’ve always been.

We all troop up to the MTV floor, into a little music studio, where Hunter Hunted will be giving a mini concert.

To some of the staff of Viacom.

And me. The only non-Viacom member.

My fave guys!!

A photo posted by Jillian (@giggsmcgill) on

I tweeted like mad a bit. Instagrammed a little.

The set was short – only a couple numbers, including one of my favorite of their new songs:

The staff filed out – back off to their jobs (don’t I wish I could have a musical break in the middle of my day!).

I was able to do a one-question interview. (No pressure!)

A little more time spent chatting with Michael and Dan – about their lives, my life. Whatever – because these are guys who make you feel comfortable.

All too quickly I had to leave to meet up with friends at UCLA. But every time I meet with this band, it’s memories I’ll never forget.


An idea was born

I really love this idea! Also a good way for me to hop back into the world I’ve missed the past month🙂

My Rabbit Hole Trips

So I sent a suggestion to Combat Babe when she had some writer blockage going on, and now, I’m stealing the idea back. I cannot help it, it has been brewing in my chaotic mind and I need to unleash it.

It’s going to be a story, and YOU are going to help me write it. To participate, I need email addresses. I’m going to start the story, and then pick an email address and send the sentence to you. Then you’ll reply back with your next sentence for the story. Then I’ll take your sentence and send it to the next person in the list, and so on and so on.

For this to be as good as my silly mind has created it to be, I need your help. If you want to participate, please send me your email address to  or leave it in the comments.

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New Blog Name

All right, so this is ridiculously overdue.

As you may have noticed, I have what looks like gibberish, but is actually Greek writing as my blog title. Cause you know, I started this when I was living in Greece.

But I’m no longer IN Greece; so I can’t really ask Greece if it’s ready for adventure anymore.

So it’s time.

Time for a new blog title!!


I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Trying to think of what would be my inspiration.

Weirdly enough a Robert Frost poem kept coming to mind.

Why is that weird? Because 1) I haven’t seen this poem since 8th grade when we had to memorize it. And 2) I am seriously not a poetry fan.

But I think it fits my life. Well, really, just life in general.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


Photo from:

Photo from:

So my blog will be getting a new name.

Will life be taking a new path? Maybe, maybe not. But for me, life is about the choices you make. Which road you take.

So the question that will be answered in my life to come, is which roads will I be taking?


6 Degrees of Separation

So I’m sure most of you know of the concept of 6 Degrees of Separation, or if you don’t, well, I guess we’ll forgive you and I’ll give you the handy-dandy Wikipedia link.

Of course I’ve heard about 6DoS. But never really thought about it.

Until recently.

Sometimes you never know what commenting can lead you to learn!

Vyvacious meeting blog friends real life meetings

Thinking, “Hm, that’s interesting she feels that way, I gotta ask…

Blog meetings, meeting people online

“What if we had class together once?” I so innocently asked at the end. Because as two UCLA alums, that’s definitely how we would’ve gotten to know each other, right? CLASS!

Without thinking too much about it, I click through my other internet pages.

AKA: Facebook.

Ah, more planning for the Surprise Birthday Party for a friend.

I read through the messages, and come across one that catches my eye:

Meeting people online, online meeting, Vyvacious

Wait a minute.

Wait a minute!

A girl named Vyvy? That’s funny, I read a blog by a girl named “Vyvacious”.

Mistaking a comment as being about strippers?!

Vyvacious has a pretty dirty mind!

But it can’t be! That would be so coincidental!!

So I ask:

online meetings, meeting people online, Vyvacious

And so we’ve figured it out.

We’ve met on WordPress, been commenting on each other’s posts for months.

And we share some of the same friends!!

So this weekend, both Vyvacious and I prepared to celebrate our friend’s birthday.

And we prepared to meet in person.

meeting people online, online meetings, Vyvacious

This is what WordPress Badasses look like!

As with many of the blogs I read, I often found myself thinking as I read Vyvacious’ blog, “Man, I bet if we ever met in person, we’d totally get along!”

And you know what? We did.

And just like that, blog friend became real friend.


The Death of My Car

Car accident, fire hydrant

The little red light above the red car is all you can see of my car.

It was Friday night, my dad and I were helping with the finishing touches on the airpark’s float for the Christmas parade. We were about to start home and we decided to do a dinner and movie night; he’d get dinner, I’d get the movie.

I ran to the nearest Redbox.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, or The Amazing Spiderman?”
“…um … either…”

Knowing my mom wasn’t home for the movie, and since she would hate it otherwise, vampire hunter it was!

I jumped in my car, and started out of town. Stopped at a red light, started when it turned green.

I approached the bottom of a hill, almost out of the town’s boundary.

And from the left a car speeds through its Stop sign. It’s powering across the road.


I’m stopped; against a fence.


Water is pouring on top of my car – I’ve hit a fire hydrant.

I vaguely notice that there’s a white bag in front of me – the airbag deployed?

I grab my phone, my first panicked thought is to call my dad. But my second panicked thought is he won’t be able to hear me while I’m in the car.

I struggle to open the door and water comes cascading in, and slams the door.

Breathing heavily, I slam my body against the door and struggle through the waterfall – drenched within seconds.

The paramedics show up, the firemen show up, and eventually the CHP show up.

We’re all checked out in the ambulance. A few bruises, a fat lip, a slight cheek burn from the airbag, and me shivering from being cold and wet, I’m ok.

The other driver and his passenger are ok.

Everyone’s ok.

It takes 45 minutes to shut off the 40 ft mountain of hydrant water, but once that’s shut off, my dad grabs my purse and the car insurance info, and we’re told we can leave.

car accident, fire hydrant busted

Today the insurance company had my car towed to my house; where it will wait for an adjuster to come out and examine it.

The car slid back off the tow, and all I could do was stare at the smashed front.

Busted car frontDad: “Like I thought, it’s totaled. The price to get it fixed is worth more than the car.”
Tow-man: “How many miles?”
Dad: “Near 200,000”
Tow-man: “Yeah, definitely done for. Looks like it would’ve been fine if it hadn’t hit that hydrant, but that tore up most of the inside.”

The Tow-man looked at me, “but it did what is was supposed to do, the car crumpled and it saved you.”

Yes it did. My car had saved me.

The Tow-man left, and my dad went back to work, and I started the process of cleaning out my things from my car.

My Blue Belle.

And since no one had to been hurt, I felt ok mourning.

Mourning the loss of my car. My first car. My companion for 8 years.

She’d been the one we picked up my dog from the pound in.
She was there when I got my driver’s license, and blasted the music proud on my first solo ride. And has blasted the music on every ride since then.
She drove hundreds of my friends home as I most often was the transporter.
She’s seen me dressed up, dressed down, and practically naked. (From changing for sports activities – nothing dirty gutter minds!)
She’d kept me safe through the (thousands) of idiotic things I did as a teenage driver.
She’s been up the West Coast, through Oregon, through Washington, and lived with me in British Columbia for a couple months.
She’s taken me on many a spontaneous outing – including spur of the moment drives to Arizona and Nevada. And has been lost everywhere with me – in rice paddies of central Cali, the forests of Yosemite, and once we almost ended up in Mexico.
She was the car for my first drive-in movie theater.
She was my source of privacy when I had none at work.
She’s been a part of my independence since I was 16.
Every time I come home from abroad, she’s waiting – waiting for me to slide into the driver’s seat and feel at home.
I know her quirks. Exactly when to stop, when to start, how to turn on a dime, how to fiddle with the radio without looking.
She’s been the second home that carries all the things I need during the day and night.

And her last act saved me at the expense of herself.

So as I cleaned her out I felt sad. I mourned the loss. For no car will ever again be my first car. No car will ever again claim my heart as she did.


I dumped out water, and bagged the waterlogged papers. I grabbed books out of the seat backs, and blankets out of the back.

And then I became confused.

I found the FM transmitter for my Ipod, but I couldn’t find my Ipod.

I checked the mats, under the mats, under the seats. But it was nowhere to be found.

I looked up, and there it was.

In the middle of the dashboard. Between the two exploded airbags.

I picked it up and turned it on – to see if it had been water damaged like so much.

And up popped the last song to be on:

And I smiled.

My car may be done for, but she still talks to me.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll come to love a car again.


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