Two Roads Diverged

Life is all about choices – so which choice is coming next?

Hunter Hunted at MTV Studios

The traffic inches along. Just fast enough that I can’t e-brake, release the clutch, and relax my tensed leg muscles.

“Thank goodness for the gym,” I mumble to myself. But it’s worth it. Shortly, so shortly, I will be off the highway, and rolling into the parking lot of Viacom – aka, the MTV and many other tv stations headquarters.


I finally arrive. The elevator drops me in the lobby. The receptionist points. And there’s my band.

The only band whose every song they’ve sung, I’ve liked.

The guys who take the time to get to know their fans, to recognize them when they see them again.

A band who’s gone the extra mile by hand-delivering their first EP to my dorm door; and put my friend on the VIP list when I forgot to get her a ticket to their House of Blues concert.

A band where my friends and I have gone to concerts, and we left after Hunter Hunted played – as we had no interest in the headliners.

A band who’s growing whose stardom is catching up to the stars they’ve always been.

We all troop up to the MTV floor, into a little music studio, where Hunter Hunted will be giving a mini concert.

To some of the staff of Viacom.

And me. The only non-Viacom member.

My fave guys!!

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I tweeted like mad a bit. Instagrammed a little.

The set was short – only a couple numbers, including one of my favorite of their new songs:

The staff filed out – back off to their jobs (don’t I wish I could have a musical break in the middle of my day!).

I was able to do a one-question interview. (No pressure!)

A little more time spent chatting with Michael and Dan – about their lives, my life. Whatever – because these are guys who make you feel comfortable.

All too quickly I had to leave to meet up with friends at UCLA. But every time I meet with this band, it’s memories I’ll never forget.


Extreme Non-confrontationist + Two Weeks Notice = Sad News Bears

So last week saw the epic premier of my FIFTH job.

Yes, I finally started bartending after two and a half months of patient waiting.

I was So Excited!! I mean, the store is so new we usually have 5 customers during a 5 hours period – but even with that I make more in tips than I do in 7 hours at my other main job!

Life would be sooo good!

But, instead, my life immediately fell into a hectic display of:
No time
No sleep
No food (well – breakfast and then food some 12 hours later)
Wearing the same clothes for days on end
Endless phone calls to swap shifts/cancel shifts/try to make it to everywhere on time
A haze of pain from my tired body

By the time I finished work Sunday night I was decided.

It was all too much.

It was time to quit one of the jobs.

What got the axe?

Tuesday, April 30th

I show up for my morning food running shift (it’s just what it sounds like – I run the food out to the table for the servers. Yes, I am below a server…).

It’s a rather slow day, so I get sent home a couple hours early.

*Deep breath in – and out. Walk up to the General Manager. Mantra in my head: I’m going to quit. I’m going to quit. I’m going to quit*
Me: Um…
GM: *turns with a smile* Yes?
Me: I have to give you my two weeks notice today-
*the smile melts off her face*
GM: What?! WHY?!
*Panic begins as she is no longer smiling. What happened to the smile?!*
Me: I… uh… well, I mean I have a lot going on-
*Her eyes start to get that big, sad look in them*
GM: But I just LOVE working with you!
*Inside dialogue: You’re such a jerk, making such a nice lady sad??? Terrible!!*
Me: Um, well, thank you-
GM: You’re one of the good ones! Why would you need to leave???
*Inside dialogue: See? She’s saying SUCH nice things about you? And her face – look how sad you’re making her. What is wrong with you?*
Me: Well, I…
*Inside dialogue: Well, I guess there is a lot going on – explain to her. EXPLAIN!*
Me: uh, I have 5 jobs-
GM: -FIVE JOBS?! I didn’t know you were crazy!!
Me: Ha, yeah, well-
*Inside dialogue: Good, good. She’ll understand.*
GM: -But we love having you here!
*Panicking more because, ugh, sadness, I just… can’t… deal… oh god… Inside dialogue: Well, you could do a bit more… I mean, you’ll only be tired right? And have no life, but it’ll make her happy – fold, FOLD! FOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD!!*
Me: I mean, I could work still!!!
*GM Smiles*
Me: If you need me to! I just… it would only… I mean… I couldn’t work the weekends…
*Smile fades. Inside dialogue: Jerk, see, she’s sad again. Now you just raised her hopes – meanie head.*
GM: I see.
*An idea forms in her head, the sadness lifts slightly from her eyes*
GM: Well, what are they? Your other jobs?
Me: Bartending-
*Sad cloud descends*
GM: -oooooh… yes, that is a good job…
*She’s crestfallen*
GM: Well, come into the office for your paperwork.

*I slowly follow behind the GM, startled at how sad she is that I’m leaving, and positively dying inside because I can’t stand making people sad*

*Inside the office sits one of the head cooks. Crap.*

*Gm talks indistinctly*

*Head cook looks up – astonishment on his face*
HC: You have to be shitting me!
Me: Um… I just.. uh…
HC: I a SO upset right now.
*More sadness?? Tears start to gather in my eyes – breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out – Inside dialogue: DON’T CRY DAMMIT! That’ll make it worse!*
GM: It’s always the good ones that want to leave.
Me: … well… I got this bartending job at a new place
HC: The new pizza place?
Me: Yeah!
*He looks at me seriously*
HC: Well, there’s been three restaurants in that spot in the last couple years. Chances are it won’t make it. Just know – you are always welcome to come back.
GM: Yes. Whenever you want.

With that the GM left the office, the Head Cook kept staring angrily/sadly and told me he’d come visit my restaurant, and the office boy marvelled over how the GM never gets so sad when other people leave.

Meanwhile, I’m feeling like a guilty jerk, trying to stave off tears because I’ve made the GM and Head Cook feel bad.

Oy vey, I’m hopeless.

The Things I Should Have Said:

  • Maybe if you rewarded good work, the good people wouldn’t leave
  • Why am I leaving? When I interviewed here you told me that although I have a college degree, you don’t think I’m up to serving tables. This new place hired be as a bartender BECAUSE of the degree.
  • I’m extremely discontent with how my schedule availability has been completely ignored

But alas, my skills at sticking up for myself have yet to get so far.

How I should quit jobs in the future...

How I should quit jobs in the future…

Meanwhile, 2 managers down.

Five more to go.

This may be a loooong two weeks…


An idea was born

I really love this idea! Also a good way for me to hop back into the world I’ve missed the past month🙂

My Rabbit Hole Trips

So I sent a suggestion to Combat Babe when she had some writer blockage going on, and now, I’m stealing the idea back. I cannot help it, it has been brewing in my chaotic mind and I need to unleash it.

It’s going to be a story, and YOU are going to help me write it. To participate, I need email addresses. I’m going to start the story, and then pick an email address and send the sentence to you. Then you’ll reply back with your next sentence for the story. Then I’ll take your sentence and send it to the next person in the list, and so on and so on.

For this to be as good as my silly mind has created it to be, I need your help. If you want to participate, please send me your email address to  or leave it in the comments.

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“And girl…”

Scene: gas station. I am about to slide into my driver’s seat, having just gotten my change from filling up my car

An SUV pulls up to the pump next to mine, a man jumps out.

Man: Hey girl! How’s your day?
Me: Um… pretty good, and yours?
Man: *laughs and holds up a casted arm* Oh, as well as can be expected With this thing on girl!
Me: Oh, that sucks!
Man: But nevermind that girl, nevermind that. And girl, I don’t want your pity, I want your name!
Me: Um… I’m Jill…
Man: Pretty name girl! Jill. I like it! I’m Evon! See, that’s my real name – you’re the kind of girl I introduce myself to with my real name, not my nickname!
Me: Oh, ha, um, thanks!
Evon: See girl, I was driving by and I saw this girl with gorgeous, luxurious, long hair. And then I saw you washing your windows, and I said, ‘That girl must be single because I would never let my woman wash her windows!
Me: …WHAT?
Evon: Right, see, and girl, you’re the kind that I would pamper and I wouldn’t let you wash them windows! That’s my job!
Me: … … …
Evon: And girl, I’d treat you well!
Me.: … … …
Evon: So… can I have your number?

Shortly after I somehow managed to extricate myself (I know, it’s amazing I didn’t before with my eloquent style of talking…) with the usual lies of the-nonexistant-boyfriend-who’s-right-around-the-corner.

It kind of reminded me of the time I was asked to have someone’s honey colored babies.

But mostly, it reminded me of this, pretty much to the T:

(Another link to the same video)


Balancing Act

This balancing – it’s hard.

I explained in my last post what’s been keeping me busy. I’m still only working 4 jobs right now – due to eletrical difficulties the bartending has not begun yet.

Jobs on one side - life on the other...

Jobs on one side – life on the other…

So for now, I’ve been handling the four.

AND managing to have a social life replete with friend interaction!

Until this week though…

Maybe the spring break in the air is affecting me – or this is the week I fall off that balance beam…

It started when I stayed up ’til 3 chatting with my old college roommates who were visiting.

Then had to get up for work at 6.

Then I forgot to set up my tutoring appointment –

Until the day she went on spring break. So no appointment.

Then I forgot to check if I was babysitting – until the morning I was supposed to go (I did go!).

Then in the middle of my Friday night shift the closer asked if I could close – so he could visit some friends who were leaving. So I closed.

I got home at 2:30. Wired. Fell asleep around 5.

Or 6.

Got woken at 9 by a family friend phonecall, “So we’re still on for lunch before you got to work?”

So what I looked like...

So what I looked like…

And last night I also agreed to swap shifts on Sunday and close.

I’m opening on Monday.

Spring Break – thank you for not letting me sleep either…


The Juggling Act

So I mentioned a few weeks ago how my lack of activity was due to lack of internet.

And also that small detail of the acquisition of 5 jobs.

Well, now I have internet! (Yay for mail spam that actually gives you great deals!)

Ok, so my mailbox only had one letter... but it happened to be a great deal from Cox!

Ok, so my mailbox only had one letter… but it happened to be a great deal from Cox!

But those jobs, well, they do require time.

Dang it.

To be perfectly honest, at the moment I’m only doing 4, the fifth hasn’t started yet.

But I’m sure the question is: How did this come to happen?

Well, around December, after 4 months of unemployment, I caught my first break! I finally got an interview! Sure, it was to be a food runner – a step below server – but it was a money making job!

So job number 1, secured.


My mom works in the principal’s office at my hometown high school.

So when first, a family came seeking a babysitter, and then another family came seeking a science tutor, my mom offered my name.

So babysitting and tutoring were added to the list.

Then one night during a food runner shift, I ran into an old customer from when I worked at a bagel shop. I kept in touch with her and her family while I was in Greece.

It turned out the administrative assistant at her company had just left, so she offered me the position. The work is in the mornings, so I could keep the restaurant job, babysitting, and tutoring.


Meanwhile, during all this, my mom had contacted a friend who worked at a casino. He said he could see about getting me a job as a bartender, but I should get a bartending license first, and gave me the name of the school his son went to.

With the luck I was having, I called during their big holiday promotion and paid 1/3 the normal cost.

So I started classes at the Riverside National Bartending School.

Now, I’d read on multiple places online that having a bartending license “doesn’t help”, and “bars prefer you don’t have it”, etc.

I did have several reasons for taking the class. Obviously one was to get a bartending job. But really, it was something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and why would I ever regret the class? Learning new drinks, being able to make drinks at parties — really there would be no losing!

So for a month, I drove 1 hour each way, to finish this class.
Memorized over 100 drinks.
And finished the final (making any 12 drinks the teacher called out) in record time.

Then began the tough part of bartending.

The job search.

So first, I jumped on Craigslist. And saw an ad that said a new restaurant opening where I lived was having interviews.

The next morning.

So the next morning, I jump in my car, wait while one person interviews in front of me, then was interviewed myself.

Got invited to a second interview.

The day after that, got offered a bartending job.

So the first place I walked into? I got a bartending job!

But the restaurant hasn’t opened yet. It looks like that may take a while. So only working 4 jobs at the moment – but (hopefully) soon to be five.

Then we’ll see – for reals – how good my juggling skills are…


Bloggers Are Real People

So the Wonderful Becca and Amazing Jen have been discussing the idea of Blogger Meetup 2013.

To which I gave a whole-hearteded:


“Why? Why would this be great?” Other bloggers may ask.

Well, I have two examples of why this would absolutely be amazing.

The first being my encounter with the ever looking-forward, optimistic, bright Vyvy.

In this instance, bloggers might say, “Well, you two had people in common, that changes things. Makes it easier!”

Well, more recently, I had a meetup with the always hilarious Calahan.

(Yes, these name descriptions are required.)

See, Calahan and I didn’t have any people in common! He and his beautiful wife were down in my area for a wedding that had nothing to do with anyone I knew!

And guess what?

We had a swimmingly awesome gathering! I mean, there’s that first awkward, “Shoot, who am I looking for? Although we’ve talked so much online I realize that I probably can’t pick them out of the crowd in front of the restaurant…”

I decided to be helpful and wear the shirt my mom had just given me for Valentine’s.

Oh Yes.

Oh Yes.

But after that: Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

We all talked for hours. Ate some great food. Hung out with ease really.

Because let’s be honest: if you have an awesome personality on your blog. Well, that’s you! And that means you’re awesome in person too.

We already know a bit of each person that we read. I mean, when I write, I know that I really do put myself into it, and I know so many other writers do too.

And as we already know each other that little bit – we should go that little bit farther.

The best reasons of all?

Because now, when I read Vyvy or Calahan, I get to put a face to the stories. I get to put a voice with it too.

And I know my life has been enriched all the more for getting to know them.


I Love WP, Just Not On My Phone

So I’ve been rather random in posting lately.

And I’ve been even more random in reading. Like some may have noticed that I, just today, commented on blog entries from over a week ago.

And missing these posts as they come out causes me to be late on Big news – like the resigning pope (Thank you Doggy’s Style).

Why have I been so remiss?

Well, I’ve got 5 jobs now. (Ok, Truth: soon to be 5 jobs, one hasn’t technically started yet). 3 are in one city, two in another.

This means lots of travel and little extra time for WP for the moment.

It also becomes much harder when one of the places I’m sleeping at has no internet.

Why this travesty? Because I’ve been too lazy to set it up…

So soon, hopefully, I will be back to not being a week behind on everyone’s posts. And I will be able to write my own posts more frequently.

For now – I’m trying to work out my fingers so they’ll slim down and stop hitting the wrong buttons on my phone’s internet pages…

How does anyone have the patience to write on this?!?!

How does anyone have the patience to write on this?!?!


New Blog Name

All right, so this is ridiculously overdue.

As you may have noticed, I have what looks like gibberish, but is actually Greek writing as my blog title. Cause you know, I started this when I was living in Greece.

But I’m no longer IN Greece; so I can’t really ask Greece if it’s ready for adventure anymore.

So it’s time.

Time for a new blog title!!


I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. Trying to think of what would be my inspiration.

Weirdly enough a Robert Frost poem kept coming to mind.

Why is that weird? Because 1) I haven’t seen this poem since 8th grade when we had to memorize it. And 2) I am seriously not a poetry fan.

But I think it fits my life. Well, really, just life in general.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim,
Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


Photo from:

Photo from:

So my blog will be getting a new name.

Will life be taking a new path? Maybe, maybe not. But for me, life is about the choices you make. Which road you take.

So the question that will be answered in my life to come, is which roads will I be taking?


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